Hello from NinePen!

A request was once made to create a calligraphy pen. The reply to that request was, “For you, I will make nine!”.
They were created and Ninepen is now the continuation of that request.

In addition to the calligraphy and ergonomic pens currently available for sale, special requests for custom orders are accepted for consideration, including ergonomic holders for Apple Pencil.  As more digital painters, illustrators and hand lettering artists use Apple’s iPad Pro and Apple Pencil for their creations, NinePen lays claim to be the first to offer true handcrafted ergonomic holders for the Apple Pencil.

  • Oblique calligraphy nib holders
  • Straight calligraphy nib holders
  • Ergonomic ballpoint pens
  • Ergonomic Apple Pencil holders

For calligraphers, flourishers, and those wishing to use a quality pen for writing, welcome.

~ Bruce
for NinePen